We require a copy of a utility bill (e.g., water, gas, electricity, internet, cable tv, waste, etc.). Alternatively, you may provide a bank statement copy or a government issued address certification. If you do not have any of these, please contact Support for assistance. Please know that Tier 2 approval is not guaranteed in this case.

The document must show the name of the issuer clearly (e.g., electric company name, internet service provider name, bank name, etc.). 

The proof of address document must:

  • Not be older than 3 months

  • Be issued to your name

  • Show your residential address¬†

  • Match the address provided in your Tier 2 application

Unacceptable proof of address documents include: documents or screenshots where relevant data is handwritten, omitted, or obfuscated; documents issued to a company; regular mail letters; low quality or unreadable documents.

The document should not be digitally manipulated or cropped in any way or it will fail compliance checks and may cause your application to be manually reviewed for consideration. The only exception to this rule is when uploading a bank statement copy. For privacy reasons, you may edit out your account balances and transactions if you wish, but please make sure the entire document is uploaded and the relevant information (issuer, your name, address, date) remains clearly visible.

Do not upload the back and front of your ID on a single scanned document page. Scan the front of the ID as one file, and then scan the back of the ID as another file. Upload each one separately.

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